Thursday, 12 July 2012

Channel 4 order more BLACK MIRROR

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I was beginning to think Black Mirror (Charlie Brooker's excellent three-part satire of modern society and technology) was doomed to be seen as a one-off experiment, perhaps because of the 322 complaints it received for the episode where royal kidnappers blackmailed the Prime Minister into having sex with a pig on live TV. But, thankfully, Channel 4 has finally ordered another three episodes. Series 2 of Black Mirror will actually begin filming next month.

Shane Allen, Channel 4's Head of Comedy, had this to say about his decision: 'British drama seems particularly obsessed with murder and the past, often together. Black Mirror is a rare modern look at where society and individuals could be headed, given the all-pervasive deluge of social media and technology. Charlie Brooker exudes that same pioneering spirit of Dennis Potter and Chris Morris with their daring, complex, compelling originality."

Brooker himself has commented that "Half of the things in the first run of Black Mirror seem to be on the verge of coming true. If the stories from the second run start coming true then we're really in trouble."

If you've yet to see Black Mirror, which averaged 1.5m viewers for Channel 4 earlier this year, with 2.1m views on-demand, I recommend the Region 2 DVD. You can also read my archived reviews.