Monday, 16 July 2012

TV Picks: 16-22 July 2012 (Dancing On Ice Goes Gold, How the Universe Works, Phil Spencer: Secret Agent, Suburgatory, Usain Bolt: the Fastest Man Alive, etc.)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Babies In The Office (BBC2, 7pm) Series where a London minicab firm allow their workers to bring their babies into work with them, which has proven a success in America. (1/2)
PICK OF THE DAY Britain's Secret Treasures (ITV1, 8pm) Series exploring the amazing archaelogical finds by ordinary members of the public. Hosted by Michael Buerke & Bettany Hughes. Continues until Saturday. (1/6)
Nature's Microworlds (BBC4, 8.30pm) Documentary series exploring some of the world's most amazing ecosystems, starting with a look at the Galapagos islands. (1/6)
The Riots: In Their Own Words (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary series reconstructing the nationwide UK riots of August 2011. Concludes tomorrow. (1/2)
Is Football Racist? (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary looking at racism in the national game. Presented by Clarke Carlise, the Chairman of the Professional Footballers' Association.
The Toilet: An Unspoken History (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary on the history and evolution of the humble toilet. Presented by Welsh poet Ifor ap Glyn.
Usain Bolt: The Fastest Man Alive (BBC1, 10.35pm) Documentary on the Jamaican sprinter who's currently dominating the 100m event with a time of 9.4 seconds.

Can Anyone Beat Bolt? (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary on the 100m sprinter and his five closest competitors, ahead of the London Olympics. Narrated by Reggie Yates.
Immortal: An Horizon Guide To Ageing (BBC4, 9pm) Science documentary looking back on 45 years of history, seeing what has been learned about how and why people grow old. Presented by Johnny Ball.
PICK OF THE DAY Suburgatory (E4, 9.30pm) Season 1 of the US sitco about a single father who moves out of New York with his teenage daughter to the suburbs. Starring Jeremy Sisto, Jane Levy, Alan Tudyk, Maestro Harrell, Arden Myrin, Carly Chaikin, Ana Gasteyer & Parker Young. (1/22)

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park 2012 (BBC2, 7.30pm) Coverage of this year's flower festival in Tatton Park, Cheshire. Concludes on Friday. (1/2)
Restoration Home (BBC2, 8pm) Series 2 of the show where people try to convert historic buildings into homes. Presented by Caroline Quentin. (1/6)
Victoria Pendleton: Cycling's Golden Girl (BBC1, 9pm) Profile of the world and Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton.
PICK OF THE DAY The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family (Channel 4, 10pm) Fly-on-the-wall documentary following the Knight family, who are all professional wrestlers.
Olympics' Most Amazing Moments (BBC3, 10pm) Countdown of the 50 most memorable moments from previous Olympic Games. Presented by Richard Bacon & ex-sprinter/hurdler Colin Jackson.

The Truth About Sports Products (BBC1, 8pm) Documentary that tries to uncover the truth about the claims of various sports products, from trainers to energy drinks.
Natural World (BBC2, 8pm) Wildlife documentary about Mat Pines's five-year study of the hamadryas baboons in Ethiopia. Narrated by David Attenborough.
Crimewatch (BBC1, 9pm) Appeal for help solving the crime of a hitman who targeted a wealthy Russian banker in London's Docklands. Presented by Sophie Raworth.
PICK OF THE DAY How The Universe Works (Discovery Channel, 9pm) Series 2 of the science documentary series, starting with a look at Venus. (1/8)
The Special Olympics (BBC4, 9.30pm) Documentary following four participants of the Special Olympics from 2008, held in Leicester.

PICK OF THE DAY Phil Spencer: Secret Agent (Channel 4, 8pm) Series 3 of the show where Phil Spencer tries to help people buy properties. (1/5)

PICK OF THE DAY TV's Biggest Blockbusters (ITV1, 8.35pm) Countdown of the most-watched TV shows in British history. Narrated by Fay Ripley.
Shakespeare From Kabul (BBC HD, 10.15pm) Documentary about Afghan actors preparing to perform The Comedy Of Errors at London's Globe theatre.

PICK OF THE DAY Dancing On Ice Goes Gold (ITV1, 8pm) Special edition of Dancing On Ice, featuring Olympic gold medalists Colin Jackson, Olga Korbut, Tessa Sanderson, Pippa Wilson, Jamie Baulch, Steve Williams & Gail Emms. Hosted by Philip Schofield & Christine Bleakley.