Friday, 16 November 2012

DOCTOR WHO: Children In Need 'minisode' & Christmas Special trailer

Friday, 16 November 2012

The BBC's Children In Need telethon has become the place to tease the Christmas Special of Doctor Who, and that tradition returns for 2012. Above is a four-minute "minisode" called "The Great Detective" (narrated by Mark Gatiss), which establishes what's become of The Doctor following the departure of Amy and Rory. It also harks back to some intergalactic Victorian heroes we've seen on the show before.

This sketch is introduced by Matt Smith and his new co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman, which is arguably of more interest to fans. The actors appear to have a fun and warmhearted chemistry onscreen, and I have a suspicion Jenna-Louise is going to be more fun than Karen Gillan proved to be. (Not that it was entirely her fault, more a lack of good writing for her as a companion.)

Below is the second treat for fans: the official trailer for the Christmas Special "The Snowmen":

It looks rather good, although I'm generally wary of the festive specials. They have to appeal to an even wider audience than usual, and I usually find them too cheesy, schmaltzy, or silly for my tastes. (I have family who never watch Doctor Who, but they do see the Christmas specials, and haven't enjoyed any of them!) But there are some big pluses this year: another Victorian setting (always the best era to do these specials in), a potentially excellent villain in Richard E. Grant, some vicious looking killer snowmen, and the introduction of Coleman's character (who may, or may not, be the same character she played in "Asylum of the Daleks" earlier this year). Roll on 25 December!