Monday, 12 November 2012

The forgotten laptop

Monday, 12 November 2012
I've done a very silly thing and left my laptop three hours away from where I live, after visiting family over the weekend. This is causing me lots of problems because I had important documents saved on that laptop. I guess I should count my blessings and be grateful it wasn't stolen or any data lost! But this does mean I won't get my hands on my laptop/documents for a few weeks (when my brother will fortunately be on a visit and can bring it with him). I will persevere until then, using my old laptop—which is horribly slow and very annoying to use. But at least it means I can write and keep DMD up and running for a few weeks. The idea of blogging on an iPad was unthinkable.

Unfortunately, my Buffy reviews were on my other laptop, but I actually have a few draft versions already uploaded onto Blogger ready to go... so that won't be a problem! I guess there isn't much of an issue here the more I think about it, just my own personal anguish at having to put up with slow boots, spinning egg-timers, sluggish responsiveness, and random system crashes. Hopefully nobody will notice anything's any different until I get my laptop back (weekend of the 23 Nov), but if there are any funny issues or lack of updates... blame the fact it's become significantly less appealing having to use Word and Photoshop on this old, crappy Dell.

While I was away, I obviously missed quite a few shows last week, although I tried to keep on top of a couple. Homeland's the biggest hole, now I'm TWO episodes behind the US... but I'll be tackling Dexter, Fringe and Misfits from the weekend first, because they're more popular with readers.

How was YOUR week?