Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dan's donations drive for December!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Picking up from this recent comment thread, it occurred to me I haven't asked for donations in a very long time. As you know, like most things on the internet DMD is free and, while it does directly lead to paid work sometimes, it's mostly done to scratch a creative itch as a long-time TV viewer. I have no problem with this state of affairs, but seeing as many other blogs ask their readerships for donations I see no reason why I shouldn't.

To cut a long story short—the ability to donate towards Dan's Media Digest's upkeep does still exist. You just click the PayPal button at the top of the right-hand sidebar. If you want to show your appreciation for my work over the past several years, I can't deny money is a very pragmatic way to do that. I fully understand if you don't want to, can't afford to (especially with Christmas on the horizon!), or don't believe in donating to blogs/sites (yes, I've ignored Wikipedia's ads too)... but for those who DO, the option is there. And I rarely beat people over the head about that fact.

Rest assured that all money goes towards DMD-related expenses: hosting charges on Picasa, the odd cinema ticket, and buying various box-sets for the intention of review. It doesn't go into a special fund marked "Dan's Ferrari". Mainly because I don't plan on blogging for the 923 years it would probably take to hit my target for an Italian sports car.

As was being discussed in the Buffy comment thread that triggered this "appeal", current donations will go towards the £36 needed to buy the Angel Complete Series DVD box-set. This will allow me to alternate occasional reviews with Buffy's fourth season, as the two shows sometimes did special crossovers, or had a fun synchronicity.

If you've already donated (as I know Kevin and Matt have at time of writing, together with Laura for an unrelated reason), all I can say is thank you. Ah, but in capitals. THANK YOU. Okay, bold underlined with exclamations marks, too? THANK YOU!!!

It's very humbling to have people send a donation for work I don't expect payment for, purely because they like reading what I write. It helps financially and definitely boosts my morale considerably when faced with yet another blank Word document.

This concludes the shameless donation tin rattle on a Wednesday. Normal service will now resume.