Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Unsurprisingly, the BBC have announced their intention to replace Merlin with another family-friendly fantasy series: Atlantis.

They've even hired one of that show's better writers, Howard Overman (who later created Misfits, Vexed and adapted Dirk Gently), to take charge of this new thirteen-part series. Atlantis takes place in the titular mythical city, described as being a "strange, compelling realm" where "snake-haired goddesses" roam, containing "palaces so vast it was said they were built by giants".

The hero will be a character called Jason (of Argonauts fame) and the show will essentially rework many of the enduring Greek myths and legends. Atlantis will begin filming in Morrocco and Wales this April, scheduled to fill Merlin's timeslot this autumn. But will it manage to dent ITV's X Factor ratings in a similar fashion?

It's far too early to say much about this show, but I'm glad Howard Overman's in charge of things. He was a stand-out writer on Merlin from way back, and it's been great to see his career blossom in unusual ways: from the great (Misfits), to the problematic (Dirk Gently) and the ugly (Vexed). Atlantis will most likely follow the example set by Merlin in execution and style, because it's executive-produced by that show's creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, but with Overman's stronger influence I suspect the quality of writing will be much sharper. Anyone else excited? Or should we perhaps brace ourselves for a Sinbad-style misfire?