Friday, 1 February 2013

Yes, it's been a slow blogging week

Friday, 1 February 2013
Hello, dear reader.

I just wanted to fill people in on what's happening here at Dan's Media Digest. I haven't had much time to watch anything this week (poor me), which is why a number of things haven't materialised. Given the muted response to my first few reviews of Utopia, I've decided to keep that show as something to watch and NOT write about. For reasons of awfulness, I also won't bother trying to squeeze words out about The Following. I've also decided to watch Spartacus: War of the Damned at UK-pace for reasons of HD-ness (it begins 11 Feb on Sky1), and haven't had time to watch more Buffy the Vampire Slayer lately—so I'm going to have to take a short break from those season 3 catch-ups (a fortnight at the most).

But there is good news! I will definitely be covering Being Human again when it starts this Sunday (initially with the premiere for MSN), and might add FX's The Americans to my weekly rota if reader response is favourable. I will also try to review the pilot of House of Cards, directed by David Fincher, if I can get my hands on it (the whole first season is available simultaneously on Netflix today), and will be writing about the Dan Harmon-less Community and The Walking Dead whenever an episode inspires me. Looking a little further ahead, the pilot of ABC's Zero Hour and series 2 of Black Mirror will also be reviewed.

So, my apologies for the slow week in blogging, but these things happen. In the meantime... um, how about Merlin's Katie McGrath playing Lucy in the NBC/Sky Dracula TV show? Awesome. Oh, and if you have anything else to ask or suggest, this is probably the ideal place to do it below. Thank you!