Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Final series of MISFITS

Tuesday, 2 April 2013
The superhero drama Misfits is coming back for 8 hour-long episodes, but this fifth series will be its last.

Murray Ferguson, Clerkenwell Films' Chief Executive, says the show "... was a bold and confident commission that backed original ideas and new talent, quickly becoming a hit with its audience on E4 and around the world. It's been great to produce a show that has been able to innovate on screen and online, and that broke new ground premiering with huge success on Hulu in America. Misfits has been an exciting and rewarding ride for us all and we now look forward to ending the show with a bang!"

Channel 4's Drama Commissioning Editor, Roberto Trono, also added that it "... took the superhero genre and spun it on its head in an utterly unique and ambitious way. It was big, clever, funny and deliriously entertaining! E4 couldn't be more proud of what the show has achieved. It has won countless awards, has launched the careers of directors and actors, and has played a vital part in E4's continuing success. [Creator] Howard [Overman] and co have some BIG plans for the last series and like the characters in the show, it won't be going quietly. Strap in and enjoy one final glorious ride!"

So it's over. I can't say I'm disappointed. I dearly loved Misfits in its original incarnation, but it's been slowly dying ever since they were forced to start changing characters when actors left. The fourth series had to cope with the loss of four regulars, one of whom just didn't come back after series 3. I didn't hate any of the new characters they brought in, but they were never as involving as the original line-up. Recent episodes also appeared to forget this was a superhero show, as the use of powers became an oddly rare occurrence.

Anyway, I recall Howard Overman mentioning he's written a draft for a Misfits movie--which is likely to see the return of Iwan Rheon and Antonia Thomas, mixing with the current crop. Plus there's the American remake, which has been rumoured for years but never seems to get off the ground. The last I heard production was due to start late-2012/early-2013, and it's April already.

Fans have always been opposed to a remake -- partly because the intention of Misfits was to subvert US tropes of the genre, but also because it's unlikely an American broadcaster would allow the same levels of profanity and risqué scenes. Starz feels like the only channel that could produce a suitable remake retaining the coarser flavours of the original, but God knows how likely that it. I just don't want to see a Fox or ABC mainstream version of Misfits, because that would just be Heroes-with-sexy-teenagers-and-bleeping.

MISFITS has started filming a fifth series, which will premiere late-2013.