Saturday, 4 May 2013

This summer: ANGEL and BUFFY catch-ups

Saturday, 4 May 2013
We're approaching the so-called 'summer season' where many US TV network shows go off-air, but this rarely means we're entering an entertainment wasteland. UK TV still rolls on unhindered, and even US TV tends to fill June, July and August with new shows these days (especially on cable).

However, it's perhaps a good time to resume my popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer catch-ups, by moving into the show's fourth season. And I've decided to mix them with Angel catchups from its inaugural year, because the narrative of those shows intermingle. I'll be using this as my guide for covering each show, so you can refer to that if you wish, and even follow along.

As before, I'm aiming to do two episodes a week, but there may be times when I'm forced to take a week or fortnight's break. I'm actually going on holiday towards the end of May, so I probably won't start publishing these reviews until mid-June. In the meantime I'll start watching them at a steady pace and get some reviews under my belt in preparation for June's launch.

I will be using the Buffy Complete Series DVD box-set I own for these reviews, but Angel will be watched via the LoveFilm Instant online service. Part of the reason I've decided to begin these reviews is because LoveFilm recently upgraded their Playstation 3 app, so it's now much easier and quicker to access their streamed content—and the quality appears to be about the same as a DVD.

So there you have it! I know some people will be pleased, while others indifferent, but my Buffy catchups were a fun thing to do. They didn't take as long to write because of the 'double-bill' format, and it's fun to review a show with some historical distance.