Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I'm back! (Not from Spain)

I'm back in the UK. Unfortunately, I never left. If you follow my Twitter you'll know all this in greater detail, but I accidentally put my passport through the wash three days before my flight. After taking lots of advice from various people and Googling for similar travel tales, I decided to risk going to the airport to fly to Spain in the early hours of last Friday. I didn't get very far, thanks to the helpful but strict people of Thomas Cook.

So, I've spent the past five days of my "holiday" here in the UK visiting some family. It's been a week of needless expense, stress, and ultimate disappointment, but I have the rest of the week in unusually clement British weather (19c where I live today) to get over it. It also means I can begin a catch-up of the TV shows I missed, which in blogging terms means Hannibal and Mad Men. I'm always in two-minds about how to do these, but will most likely approach them with the intention of being 'brief', only to watch the word-count grow to 900-1000 words. That's usually what happens! I also managed to watch all of Arrested Development, so some form of review will be along this week--although, again, I'm more than aware the internet went Bluth bananas at the end of May and you're all probably sick of it now.

Anyway, that's my vague plan. Not sure when DMD will be back to 'normal service', but I'm definitely here and able to post stuff. Anyone interested in Community and Doctor Who thoughts, regarding the news last week? Or are we all fed up reading about that now, too?
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