Friday, 28 February 2014

I ain't afraid of no ghost, so I'll be live-tweeting GHOSTBUSTERS tomorrow!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Hastened by the fact Harold Ramis sadly passes away this week, I'm going to live-tweet the film that defined him for my generation: Ghostbusters. He was arguably involved in more revolutionary films (Animal House) and one better film (Groundhog Day), but nothing entered the public consciousness quite like 1984's supernatural comedy. Its iconic "no-ghost" logo is right up there with the Batman and Superman symbols in terms of global brand recognition. Ghostbusters was a childhood favourite of mine, and I haven't seen it since its initial release on DVD, and never in HD. It's also the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters this very summer, so it feels like an appropriate time to give its Blu-ray a spin.

And I hope you'll join me! Yes, I'm going to live-tweet my viewing of Ghostbusters via Twitter (so follow @danowen79), and encourage DMD readers and Twitter followers to watch the film simultaneously. You can get involved by tweeting with a #GhostbustersLive hash-tag, too. I'll re-tweet some of the best missives I notice during my live-tweet, and eventually compile a Storify to embed in this 'ere blog.

My plan is to start watching the Ivan Reitman-directed comedy tomorrow (Saturday 1 March @4pm), which should mean American followers will be awake. I hope as many of you as possible will watch, and/or get involved on Twitter. It will be a light-hearted and affectionate retrospective on a classic film, but with criticism where it's deserved. A total love-in can get boring very quickly. While my previous live-tweets have tended to be quite derisive and sardonic, this will cover a broader spectrum. I love Ghostbusters, so could never use it as a punch-bag. I also hope to throw in some relevant trivia, photos, quotes, music and photos, wherever possible.

The aim is just to have some fun in a communal way, and remind ourselves of Harold Ramis's genius in the role of deadpan nerd Egon Spengler (and as co-writer of the film with Dan Aykroyd).

So fire up your proton pack, the ectoplasm's soon to flow...