Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Trailer: Fox's GRACEPOINT

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

ITV's Broadchurch was such a massive success that it's getting a US remake on Fox called GRACEPOINT, for all the Americans who couldn't understand the English version because of its funny Cornish accents and colloquialisms. Fortunately it will still star David Tennant (Doctor Who) as the lead detective, now partnered by Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad) in Olivia Colman's role.

This trailer appears to confirm Gracepoint will begin much the same way as Broadchurch (with the discovery of a young boy's body on the beach of a small seaside community), but apparently the mystery and the child's killer will be different. It would be monumentally pointless if it was a direct copy, let's face it.

I'm intrigued by Gracepoint's existence, but more for what it represents as a relatively rare remake of a British show that retains the lead actor. Anna Gunn has also earned a lot of respect from me, following her role in the phenomenal Breaking Bad, and Nick Nolte in a supporting role won't fail to entertain. The show also retains the services of Broadchurch's creator, Chris Chibnall, so we can be relatively sure this will be faithful to the tone and spirit of the UK original.

Gracepoint is billed as a "ten-part mystery event", but if it's a ratings smash expect Fox to commission a second season. Maybe they'll base it on Broadchurch's upcoming second series, which recently confirmed the return of David Tennant. I do hope Tennant doesn't get his accents mixed up...