Monday, 18 August 2014

Keanu Reeves accepts lead role in planned TV action drama RAIN

Monday, 18 August 2014

It seems Keanu Reeves has sensed a change in the air, regarding his box-office standing. He hasn't had a major critical and commercial success since The Matrix trilogy ended in 2003, and last year's dismal 47 Ronin marked a particular low in his career. So what do you do to perk things up? Easy: head for the bosom of television, in search of edgier material that will make audience falls back in love with you again!

Reeves has been cast in an adaptation of author Barry Eisler's RAIN, which is described as a "globe-trotting action drama" about a half-Japanese, half-American soldier-turned-assassin called John Rain, who specialises in making it appear his victims died in accidents or of natural causes.

In a statement, Reeves said:
"As a huge fan of Barry's work, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring his iconic character and incredible world to life. I'm looking forward to partnering with Slingshot on my first series, and re-teaming with [producers] Chad [Stahelski] and David [Leitch]."
There's no network attached to this drama yet, which is production company Slingshot's first undertaking since they formed in February 2014. There have been eight novels John Rain's appeared in, so plenty of material for a TV series. Interestingly, Rain has already made it to the big screen in a 2009 Japanese-Australian movie that Gary Oldman appeared in...

See? Yeah... wow, that was terrible. Stuffed full of hilarible clich├ęs. Let's hope Keanu's television series is better.