Monday, 1 September 2014


Monday, 1 September 2014

It's the busiest month of the TV calendar (certainly for U.S shows, that tend to debut in September), but what are the big highlights to check out? I use the term "highlights" fairly loosely, by the way...

DALLAS - Season 3
(Channel 5, 2 Sep) The U.S soap-y drama about wealthy oil baron families (crossing and double-crossing each other, whilst sleeping and cheating on each other), belatedly returns for its UK premiere... but will anyone care now screen legend Larry Hagman's sadly passed away? Oh well, we'll always have the theme tune.

TYRANT - Season 1
(Fox UK, 12 Sep) From the producers of Homeland comes this new FX drama, concerning a family man of Middle Eastern origin who became a U.S citizen, travelling to his nephew's wedding and coming into contact with his dictator father and native family for the first time in decades. Needless to say, they're all pulled into a hot political situation they can't escape from.

Z NATION - Season 1
(Syfy, 12 Sep) From the creators of Sharknado, here's another variation on the post-zombie outbreak idea. It's set three years after a virus was released that turned almost everyone into zombies, with a group of survivors transporting someone who's immune cross-country so scientists can create a vaccine from his blood. Sounds good? Did you read the "from the creators of Sharknado" part?

THE STRAIN - Season 1
(Watch, 17 Sep) Season 1 of the U.S horror drama about a passenger jet that lands in JFK airport, unleashing a vampiric virus across the city. Co-created by acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth), if you like your horror incredibly icky and enjoyably dumb, this one's for you.

(ITV, 21 Sep) A new run of the phenomenally popular period drama, now heading deeper into the 1920s. Expect more soap-y goings-on with the upper and lower classes of the titular Abbey, masquerading as a truly quality drama. If you're American, don't expect to see this on PBS for months and months.

THE GOOD WIFE - Season 6
(CBS, 21 Sep) The best television drama not enough people talk about returns for a sixth season. This year we have Alicia potentially applying to become State's Attorney, and guest stars already announced include Taye Diggs, Steven Pasquale & David Hyde Pierce.

GOTHAM - Season 1
(Fox, 22 Sep) Can you make a good Batman prequel without Batman, by focusing on a pre-'tache Commissioner Gordon as a young cop, then stirring in some Bat-villains before they started wearing silly costumes? Fox hope so! (Pilot reviewed here.)

(Fox, 22 Sep) What felt like it would be a big joke last summer surprised many people (myself included) by becoming one of the biggest freshman hits of 2013/14. Sleepy Hollow's therefore back for seconds, but can the writers keep up its crazy pace and supernatural thrills, or will it run out of steam? The promotion of Fringe's John Noble as regular villain bodes well.

FOREVER - Season 1
(ABC, 22 Sep) A new fantasy drama about a British émigré physician, now living in New York City, who's secretly a 200-year-old immortal. It's Highlander-meets-House, but thanks to a surprisingly fun pilot I'm optimistic about this one. It has a lot of charm and the premiere works very well. (Pilot reviewed here.)

(ABC, 23 Sep) It started poorly and lost a lot of its audience by mid-season, but the shocks of Captain America: Winter Soldier sent tremors into the AoS mythology, to suddenly transform it into an enjoyable G.I Joe-y action-adventure. Can the writers continue the momentum while improving the recipe?Lucy Lawless (Xena, Spartacus) and Kyle Maclachlan (Twin Peaks, Desperate Housewives) have already signed on to guest-star.

SELFIE - Season 1
(ABC, 30 Sep) Doctor Who's Karen Gillan makes a bid for U.S stardom with this ABC sitcom (if you don't count her villainous turn in Guardians of the Galaxy), and it's a smoking mess of badness that stinks up the screen. A modern remake of My Fair Lady could work, but Selfie is so irritating, crass, unfunny and dumb that it just begs to be cancelled. Gillan deserves a lot better, and please don't ever make her do a Beverly Hills accent ever again. Pleeeease! (Pilot reviewed here.)

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