Tuesday, 13 January 2015

THE HOBBIT's Richard Armitage joins HANNIBAL as a famous foe

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

How's this for unexpected news? British actor Richard Armitage (Spooks, The Hobbit) has signed up to play serial killer Francis Dolarhyde (aka 'The Tooth Fairy') on NBC's HANNIBAL. Whaaa-?

For those unaware, Dolarhyde was the main villain of Thomas Harris' original Red Dragon novel. He's previously been played by Tom Noonan in Manhunter, then by Ralph Fiennes in the remake Red Dragon. Given how Armitage's a notably handsome man, it feels like Bryan Fuller's TV series is edging more towards the latter's take? Again, that's unexpected—although I'm sure Armitage can be made to look uglier, if that's required. (It will be.)

Armitage is scheduled to appear in six episodes of the upcoming third season, so my guess is he'll form the basis of the second half, similar to how billionaire serial killer Mason Verger became the focus of season 2's latter half.

What do you make of this news? Is Armitage a good choice, or a just a very odd one? Excited to see him tackle this iconic role, or can nobody ever hope to out-creep Tom Noonan? And how will the season knit together its two angles—knowing that we'll begin with Dr Lecter as a fugitive in Europe, a la Hannibal, whereas the Dolarhyde storyline requires a U.S setting.