Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My new site, FRAME RATED, is now
live at www.framerated.co.uk!

Like DMD, FR will cover television and film reviews and features, but in more detail and with less emphasis on episodic coverage of TV shows. (Only a select few will get that weekly recap treatment.) More notably, this is a team-written site coming from a group of talented freelancers donating their valuable time and energies. I will be the Editor in Chief, but also a prominent author of articles myself.

If you enjoy reading DMD, I hope you find equal enjoyment in FR, which will be my primary focus for awhile. That's not to say DMD is being neglected, just that this blog's not top priority. There's still going to be plenty of things that aren't a stylistic fit for FR, or the site's other writers are covering, which I can feed into DMD.

Think of DMD as a hub for my written content around the web, instead of a prime source.

What can you do to help, I hear you ask? Well, the usual things... if you can mention FRAME RATED to friends, follow the @frameratedUK Twitter feed, and remember to share any content you liked reading, I'd be very grateful.

DMD reader support has meant a lot to me over the past nine years, so I hope this will continue into FRAME RATED.

As of right now, the three launch-day posts were: