Friday, 25 September 2015

Netflix producing 12 more BLACK MIRROR episodes

Friday, 25 September 2015

Channel 4's BLACK MIRROR is returning next year, but it's now being produced for Netflix. The online streaming giant has bankrolled 12 new episodes from creator Charlie Brooker, but subscribers from the UK and Ireland won't have access. Instead, Channel 4 will likely continue to show the popular anthology series exclusively to its native audience, as they have the "first-look option" to do so.

Does this mean Netflix will dump 12 episodes on everyone, but Brits will be forced to watch one episode each week on TV? That's unclear right now, but hopefully Netflix will release a new instalment every seven days. I don't think being able to 'binge' 12 episodes of Black Mirror would be ideal, as they're such a talking point and half the fun's discussing them afterwards with other people.

Netflix mentioned announcing the "premiere date and episode rollout", which suggests Black Mirror will stick to the traditional one-per-week release method. That does seem like the best plan, despite the VOD service's love of unloading entire seasons on customers overnight.

Black Mirror has only produced seven episodes since it began in 2011 (two three-part series and a Christmas special last year), so it'll be interesting to see if its ideas remain as potent and interesting now Brooker's being asked to produce nearly twice as much in a year.