Monday, 26 October 2015

007 Things James Bond Would Never Say, Never. Again?

Monday, 26 October 2015

The 24th Bond movie, Spectre, is out today in UK cinemas. And below are seven statements you'd never, ever, ever hear Commander James Bond say.

1. "Not tonight, love – I've got a headache."

2. "The ejector seat and side-mounted missiles are all very well, Q... but how many miles per gallon does this baby do?"

3. "Diet Coke, extra ice, with a twist of lemon."

4. "I'm just popping out to Gregg's on my lunch hour, M – do you want me to pick you up a sausage roll?"

5. "Pussy Galore? Your name implies you have a lot of vagina, what were your parents thinking?"

6. "Private jet to the Maldives? Do you have a sucky-sweet on you? My ears are prone to going 'pop'."

7. "Hello. My name's James Bond."

Feel free to suggest your own below!