Saturday, 28 November 2015

State of the Blog - shifting priorities

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hello, readers! A lot of my focus and energy is going into editing and writing for Frame Rated right now. To be honest, in an ideal world it's going to stay that way as FR grows and finds its own audience. I still have no intention of consigning DMD to the waste bin of cyber-history, don't worry, but you're going to have to be patient when it comes to new material.

I'm still reviewing Doctor Who weekly, but Heroes Reborn is being covered in a more experimental fashion with lots of vidcaps. I was going to cover Homeland, too, but after seeing the season 5 premiere I realised my enthusiasm for the show has dipped too much. It would just be a struggle to put finger to keyboard. I don't really have anything new to say about Homeland and its characters, so why put you through it. I'm sure everyone reading can sense when my heart's not really in something, and I'd hate to push people away from the blog with bad work. I was going to review Ash vs. Evil Dead weekly, too, but recent episodes have been a bit 'thin'.

DMD is going to continue to evolve over the coming months. It's hard to predict what it'll resemble in six months, a year, or two years from now. It was once the place where I'd pour my heart out about everything I was watching, daily, but… well, things change. You change. A few passions dim, others burn brighter. Time grows more precious. Priorities shift. Life, eh? I could get quite philosophical.

One way to differentiate DMD and Frame Rated is that the latter's intended to be more "serious" (for wont of a better word), so DMD has come to feel like a handy release valve for a bit of fun, irreverence, and spur of the moment stuff. Hopefully it's still good to read, but expect new DMD articles to be shorter and perhaps more 'entertaining' in the sense they're likely to be more lighthearted.

Even with all these changes to my 'online life' and schedule, it's worth mentioning that my output remains the same in a lot of ways. You just don't notice a lot of the work I'm putting into FR behind-the-scenes (beyond my own authored articles), and I'm still watching lots of TV and film. I just have less time to write about all of it, even here.

So -- I'll continue to experiment with different ways to blog about TV and film at DMD, so there's always a few things going up every week. If you have any suggestions for ways I could do that, please leave a comment...

  • Do you like the screenshot Heroes Reborn recaps?
  • Did you mind the format chance with my 'Pilot watch' reviews following a 'Q&A' structure, of sorts?
  • Would you like to see me tackle things a different way, that you've enjoyed elsewhere?
  • Without regular weekly coverage of some shows, are you happy with 'micro-posts' about stuff, more randomly scheduled?
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