Wednesday 27 January 2010

District 9 Competition: Winners

Wednesday 27 January 2010

My weeklong competition to dish out three sets of District 9-related prizes came to an end on Tuesday, with plenty of amusing 82-word entries in response to the following question:

"In the film District 9, an alien spaceship hovers above Johannesburg and its extra-terrestrial occupants are put into a ghetto. But, if an alien spaceship appeared overheard where you live, what would you do with all the aliens inside?"
After literally hours (oh, okay, four minutes) deliberation, I have decided that the best three entries, in ascending order, are as follows:

3rd Prize
(1x "non-human" dog tag + 3x stickers)

I'd leave the aliens where they were. But every so often I'd introduce a celebrity or two to live among them for a few days, all the while broadcasting the internal security camera feed live 24/7 to the watching world. Then the public could choose to vote the celeb back out, or leave them there among the visitors. Channel 4 need a replacement for Big Brother, I believe, and Celebrity Alien Filth Survivor would fill that gap. – Iain Hepburn
2nd Prize
(3x "non-human" dog-tags + 5x stickers)

After viewing the spaceship from afar for several hours, I grabbed just one DVD and approached the off-worlders. Despite their primitive appearance and indecipherable facial expressions, they seemed to hold a certain degree of intellect. So I played the film entitled 'District 9'. For two hours they stared in horror. But as the film ceased and the ambiguous ending arrived, the chief adventurer turned to me and smiled. "Yes," he said. "His work is done. We will take back Neill Blomkamp now." – Neil Baker
1st Prize
(District 9 DVD/Blu-ray +
3x "non-human" dog-tags + 7x stickers

I would round up all the aliens and put them into an amusement park, where they would be the main attraction. The male and female "prawns" would be separated into separate compounds, so as to eliminate breeding, and visitors would be protected by electric fences and hi-tech security systems. I would spare no expense, even organising a safety inspection by a small team of extraterrestrial and sea-food experts, prior to public opening. What could possibly go wrong? "Welcome to Arthropod Park." – Christopher Howard
Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter this contest, and better luck next time if you didn't win a prize. Special congratulations to the above winners, but particularly Christopher Howard, who walks away with the top prize of goodies.

The three winners must now e-mail me an address to send their prizes to, so I can get the ball rolling with Sony Home Entertainment. In Chris Howard's case (can I call you Chris?), I also need to know if you'd prefer your copy of District 9 on Blu-ray or DVD. Hopefully everyone will receive their prizes by the weekend.