Thursday, 3 March 2011

ITV plotting 'Whitechapel III'

Thursday, 3 March 2011

ITV have recommissioned detective drama Whitechapel, after two successful series about famous copycat killers. Series 3 will be extended to six episodes (telling three two-part stories) and will evolve to encompass crimes beyond the Whitechapel district.

It's good to see that ITV realize the problem with Whitechapel is the limiting nature of its concept and are making steps to shift the direction slightly. The show was clearly a self-contained three-part special about a modern-day Jack The Ripper, but in the wake of its hit status with 8.13m viewers (at a time when ITV had few drama hits), it was brought back for a ridiculous follow-up about modern-day Kray Twins (that averaged 6m viewers.) I know series 2 has its fans, but I thought it was lame.

Sally Woodward Gentle, Executive Producer:

"I am delighted we are getting the chance to tell brand new Whitechapel stories but this time as a series. The East End of London is steeped in history, secrets and gore and we now have the opportunity to take Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones), Miles (Phil Davis) and Buchan (Steve Pemberton) to places darker still. If you thought the Ripper and Krays were scary, just wait."
Laura Mackie, Director of ITV Drama:

"Whitechapel is a striking and distinctive crime drama that has struck a real chord with the ITV1 audience. The longer run will allow us to tell an even richer range of stories from the Whitechapel area."
Whitechapel III will involve body-snatching and poisoning, with contemporary crimes in London's East End echoing tales from as far back as 300 years. The six-part series is scheduled to air in spring 2012.