Thursday, 3 March 2011

State of the Blog: social, donators, commenters, etc.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Social spread

I'm pleased to see people re-tweeting posts on Twitter, as that's a great way to spread DMD's content to people who may not otherwise find it. In particular, @BeingHuman3 has been very supportive of my Being Human reviews this series. I'm sure you're aware of DMD's embedded buttons for you to re-tweet and "share" posts on Facebook. If you're a member of any of those social networking sites and want to help DMD (rather than comment, if you don't have the inclination), clicking one of those buttons would be much appreciated. It would be particularly great to see more Facebook "shares", as very few people seem to ever use that function. It seems to be the more news-based items that appeal to Facebookers.

Anyway, just a polite reminder that the buttons are there to be used, if you think something would be of interest to your friends/followers, or just deserves wider attention.

Generosity of donation

In the previous SotB I drew your attention to my new PayPal donation button in the sidebar, and I'm extremely grateful some of you kindly donated money. Many were astonishingly generous. As I said last time, blogging charity is one of those awkward things to raise in a public forum without feeling like you're pressuring people whose visits and input you already value. I'm just very happy that some of you decided my daily blogging these past five years has been worth a few pennies. Rest assured that all money received will go towards blog-related issues (such as paying for online storage space) and not frittered away on drink, drugs and women.

Commenters: Super 7

Do you ever check the "Top Commenters" under the "People" tab in the Disqus widget in the sidebar? I don't very often, as I've never been convinced it's very accurate, but you may like to. Maybe Disqus have got it working properly, because it looks more plausible now. Bob is the current leader with 245 comments, although David has 74 "likes". I guess that means Bob's more prolific, but more people like David? Oh, this could cause some arguments! Anyway, I thought I'd highlight that feature.

Regarding "commenting culture" here: I've noticed a few discussions have been straying from the subject at hand recently. I know topics can naturally broaden when you start discussing something, but please try and keep your comments on-topic, or steer things back to a relevant point if you go off on a tangent. Others readers who don't comment themselves probably don't want to read a thread that spirals off into irrelevancy.


As usual, feel free to use this post as a place to ask me questions, suggest ideas for the blog, or comment on shows I'm not watching or reviewing, etc.