Sunday, 3 April 2011

Poll Result: who's your favourite fictional captain?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Last week I asked you "what is your favourite fictional captain?" There was a great response to this poll, with 155 votes counted. The results are below, with "other votes" asterisked:

Captain America, Captain Birdseye, Captain Caveman, Captain Hornblower, Captain Hook, Captain Archer, Captain Janeway, Captain Pugwash & Captain Long John Silver.

ONE VOTE - 1.82%
Captain Ahab, Captain Sisko Captain Buck Rogers (above right), Captain Jack Aubrey (above middle), Captain Han Solo (above left), Captain Nemo, Captain Bucky O'Hare*, Captain Scarlet*, Captain Crunch* & Captain Sensible*.

6. Captain Jean-Luc Picard - 2.64%
The statesmanlike captain of the USS Enterprise D, who offered audiences a thoughtful, diplomatic alternative to Kirk in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He could even admit he was losing his hair and gave bald men around the world a great role model.

5. Captain Jack Sparrow - 3.64%
Johnny Depp indulged a Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones impersonation as the permanently tipsy pirate and captain of the Black Pearl for the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies; tottering through comic misadventures, in-between sailing the Seven Seas while slurring his words.

4. Captain Edmund Blackadder - 10.91%
The epitome of English cynicism and dry wit, Rowan Atkinson's various incarnations of the Blackadder family are cut from the same cloth, but Blackadder Goes Forth's tragic World War I setting gave his sarcastic quips added sharpness.

3. Captain James T Kirk - 14.55%
The womanizing captain of the USS Enterprise, who also found time for a compelling bromance with his alien First Office Spock, William Shatner practically modern defined sci-fi captains on Star Trek with his charming, swaggering, randy space-hero.

2. Captain Jack Harkness - 16.36%
A surprisingly high entry, that I don't really agree with, but it seems many people find John Barrowman's "omnisexual" Captain Jack Harkness a real treat on Torchwood and Doctor Who. Maybe it's because he's an earthbound playboy who gets to live that lifestyle forever without getting old? Jealous, guys?

1. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - 29.09%
Nathan Fillion's Captain Reynolds may have only appeared in a handful of Firefly television episodes and one movie, but he's made a clear impression by putting his inspirations to shame. It's not hard to see why his mix of Captain Kirk and Han Solo charmed so many of you, as it was fed through the mind of Joss Whedon and his sparkling dialogue. But, come on, the best fictional captain ever? I can't agree, but he's certainly very popular.