Monday, 4 April 2011

TV Picks: 4-10 April 2011 ('Campus', 'The Crimson Petal & The White', 'A Different Breed', 'The Kennedys', 'Rubicon', 'The Walking Dead', etc.)

Monday, 4 April 2011
'Rubicon' - Thursday, BBC Four, 9PM

Neighbourhood Blues (BBC1, 9.15am) Series about the Kent police squads who deal with difficult communities. (1/5)
Justice (BBC1, 2.15pm) Drama about a brand new public justice system run by Judge Patrick Coburn. Continues every day until Friday (1/5)
Britain's Best Dish (ITV1, 5pm) Amateur cooks compete win the prize of getting a dish included on the menu at The Savoy. Hosted by Mary Nightingale. (1/44)
Great British Menu (BBC2, 6.30pm) Culinary gameshow. (1/40)
Rooftop Rainforest (Sky1, 8pm) Documentary about wildlife expert Dust Gedge's attempt to make an indoor rainforest. (1/2)
Lambing Live (BBC2, 8pm) Live footage of the lambing season. (1/6)
The Brother The Islamist (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about a middle-class white boy from Weymouth whose brother became a radical Islamist.

Countrywise (ITV1, 8pm) Series 3 of the show where historian Bettany Hughes and horticulturist Rachel de Thame explore the UK's countryside. (1/12)
Candy Cabs (BBC1, 9pm) Comedy-drama about two women who launch a taxi cab firm after the death of their friend. Stars Jo Joyner, Lisa Millet, John Henshaw & Melanie Hill. (1/3)
Filthy Cities (BBC2, 9pm) Dan Snow investigates how London was created in the 14th century. (1/3)
Smugglers (ITV1, 9pm) Documentary about modern-day smuggling in Britain. (1/2)
Campus (Channel 4, 10pm) Comedy about the bizarre staff of a struggling university. Starring Andy Nyman, Joseph Millson, Lisa Jackson, Jonathan Bailey, Will Adamsdale, Dolly Wells, Katherine Ryan & Sara Pascoe. (1/6)

A Different Breed (Sky1, 8pm) Documentary about dogs, from the creators of Pineapple Dance Studios. (1/8)
The Crimson Petal & The White (BBC2, 9pm) Victorian drama based on the novel by Michel Faber, about a man who finds solace from his unstable wife by seeking out a prostitute. Starring Romola Garai, Chris O'Dowd, Gillian Anderson, Amanda Hale, Shirley Henderson, Richard E. Grant, James Wilson & Mark Gatiss. (1/4)

Watchdog (BBC1, 8pm) Series 27 of the consumer affairs series. Presented by Anne Robinson, Matt Allwright & Chris Hollins. (1/8)
Dad's Having A Baby: A Bodyshock Special (Channel 4, 9pm) Documentary about a family comprised of two fathers, one of whom is pregnant.
The Kennedys (History Channel, 9pm) US miniseries about John F. Kennedy's rise to the presidency. Starring Greg Kinnear, Tom Wilkinson, Katie Holmes & Barry Pepper. Double-bill. My review. (1/4)
A History Of Celtic Britain (BBC2, 9pm) Neil Oliver explores the origins of Britain. (1/4)
Botox Britain: Your Face In Their Hands (BBC3, 9pm) Documentary about the craze for cosmetic surgery. Presented by Kirsten O'Brien.
Room At The Top (BBC4, 9pm) Adaptation of John Braine's novel about a young working class man from a Yorkshire mill town who tries to better himself. (1/2)
Rubicon (BBC4, 10pm) Drama about a federal intelligence analyst who stumbles upon a conspiracy. Starring James Badge Dale, Miranda Richardson, Arliss Howard, Jessica Collins & Dallas Roberts. (1/13)

Baboons With Bill Bailey (ITV1, 8pm) The comedian investigates the baboons that live in Cape Town, South Africa.
Have I Got News For You? (BBC1, 9pm) Series 41 of the long-running topical news quiz show. Guest-hosted by Jack Dee, with team captains Ian Hislop & Paul Merton. (1/10)
The Defenders (FX, 10pm) US crime drama. Starring Jerry O'Connell & James Belushi. (1/18)


The Walking Dead (Channel 5, 9pm) Terrestrial premiere of the US horror drama about a group of people surviving a zombie uprising. Starring Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies, Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn & Steven Yeun. (1/6)