Monday, 23 May 2011

TV Picks: 23-29 May 2011 ('Celebrity Five To Go', 'Four Rooms', 'Funny Or Die Presents', 'Paul Merton's Birth Of Hollywood', 'Primeval', 'Scott & Bailey', etc.)

Monday, 23 May 2011
Pick of the Week: 'PRIMEVAL' - Watch, Tuesday, 8PM

Celebrity Five To Go (Channel 4, 5pm) Reality series where five famous people go on holiday together, starting in Cape Town with The Apprentice's Stuart Baggs, Christopher Biggings, and others. Continues weekdaily. (1/5)
Dispatches: The Truth About Your Dentist (Channel 4, 8pm) Documentary on how the public are sometimes misled about private dentistry and the NHS.
Supersize Ambulance (BBC1, 9pm) Documentary following the work of the Thames Ambulance's bariatric service.
All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace (BBC2, 9pm) Documentary series exploring the fear that humanity's being willingly colonized by machines. (1/3)
Funny Or Die Presents (Sky Atlantic, 10pm) Comedy series from Will Ferrell, based on the humorous video website. (1/12)

Prince Phillip At 90 (ITV1, 8pm) Documentary on the Queen's husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, as he celebrates his 90th birthday.
Four Rooms (Channel 4, 8pm) Dragons' Den-inspired antiques gameshow where four of the UK's top art dealers compete to buy people's unusual antiquities. (1/8)
Primeval (Watch, 8pm) Series 5 of the sci-fi action-adventure receives its UK premiere. Starring Andrew Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Alexander Siddig, Ben Miller, CiarĂ¡n McMenamin & Ruth Kearney. (1/6)
Geordie Shore (MTV, 10pm) Reality-drama based on the US hit Jersey Shore.

Pawn Stars (Five, 7.30pm) Documentary following pawn shop owners trading on the outskirts of Las Vegas. (1/10)
Midsomer Murders (ITV1, 8pm) Series 14 of the murder-mystery series. Starring Neil Dudgeon.
Diagnosis Live From The Clinic (Channel 4, 8pm) Live episode where members of the public have their ailments diagnosed by doctors. (1/6)
Moving Nature's Giants (Five, 8pm) Series exploring the methods used to transport enormous creatures, starting with a task to relocate a herd of elephants. (1/4)
Heath v Wilson: The 10 Year Duel (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary on political rivals Harold Wilson and Edward Heath and their decadal feud.

Cutting Edge: Breaking A Female Paedophile Ring (Channel 4, 9pm) Documentary investigation into how a child pornography gang was exposed and destroyed.
The World's Tallest Man: Looking For Love (Channel 4, 10pm) Documentary about Turkey's Sultan Ksen, the world's tallest man, and his struggle to find love with his condition.
Ideal (BBC3, 10.30pm) Series 7 of the sitcom about a small-time cannabis dealer. Starring Johnny Vegas. (1/6)

The Joy Of Easy Listening (BBC4, 9pm) Documentary on the popular music genre.
Paul Merton's Birth Of Hollywood (BBC2, 9.30pm) Documentary where the comedian travels to Hollywood in the year the showbiz capital celebrates its centennial. (1/3)
The Book Review Show (BBC2, 11pm) Literary review show. Presented by Kirsty Wark, with Germaine Greer & John Mullan.


Scott & Bailey (ITV1, 9pm) Crime drama following the Manchester police unit's murder specialists. Starring Lesley Sharp, Suranne Jones, Rupert Graves, Amelia Bulmore & Nicholas Gleaves. (1/6)