Wednesday, 31 August 2011

E4 announce online MISFITS: VEGAS BABY!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011
E4's award-winning superhero drama Misfits is back for a third series in October, and intervening online short Vegas Baby! is now only three weeks away.

This eight-minute special will serve as the swansong for cocky Nathan (Robert Sheehan, having quit) and the introduction of his "old friend" Rudy (Joe Gilgun, replacing him as a regular).

The story finds Nathan on holiday in Las Vegas (joined by girlfriend Marnie and baby son Nathan Jr), using a new superpower to his advantage in a casino, only for his scam to go wrong, forcing him on the run...

MISFITS: VEGAS BABY! will premiere on 15 September at Series 3 will begin sometime in October, a little earlier than expected. (I have no idea if the online special will be broadcast on TV before the show returns, but they'd be foolish not to.)