Thursday, 1 September 2011

DVD/Blu-ray Releases: SEPTEMBER 2011 (Attack The Block, Dexter S5, Fringe S3, Insidious, Killing S1, Fast & Furious 5, Glee S2, Good Wife S2, Star Wars Saga, Thor, etc.)

Thursday, 1 September 2011

13 Assassins [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Das Boot (Director's Cut) [BLU-RAY]
Dexter: Season 1-5 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Dexter: Season 5 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(** out of four)
Fast & Furious 1-5 Box-set [BLU-RAY]
Fast & Furious 5 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Modern Family: Season 2 [DVD]
Only Fools & Horses (Complete Anniversary Box-set) [DVD(**** out of four)
Priest [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Scarface (Limited Edition Box-set) [BLU-RAY]
Water For Elephants [DVD] [BLU-RAY]


Entourage: Season 7 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
The Good Wife: Season 1-2 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY(***½ out of four)
The Good Wife: Season 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Insidious [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Julia's Eyes [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Star Wars: The Complete Saga [BLU-RAY(**** out of four)
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)


Arthur (2011) [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Attack The Block [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Dark Star [BLU-RAY]
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 1 & 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Eureka: Season 4.0 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Glee: Season 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(** out of four)
Glee: Season 2, Volume 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)
Nikita: Season 1 [D] [BLU-RAY]
Rambo: Complete Collection [DVD] [BLU-RAY(**½ out of four)
South Park: Season 14 [DVD]
Stargate Atlantic: Complete Series [BLU-RAY]
Unknown [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Warehouse 13: Season 2 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]


Beverly Hills Cop [BLU-RAY]
The Big Bang Theory: Season 1-4 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
The Big Bang Theory: Season 4 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
The Hunt For Red October [BLU-RAY]
The Killing (USA): Season 1 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*½ out of four)
Fringe: Season 1-3 Box-set [DVD] [BLU-RAY(*** out of four)
Fringe: Season 3 [DVD] [BLU-RAY(***½ out of four)
Hawaii Five-0: Season 1 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
House: Season 7 [DVD] [BLU-RAY]
Southland: Season 1 [DVD]
Thor [DVD] [BLU-RAY]