Friday, 16 September 2011

Poll: which new TV shows will you be watching?

Friday, 16 September 2011

It's about to get very busy here, as most of the autumn's new/returning shows launch soon. I already have a rough idea what I'll be covering (especially with the existing shows), but I'm interested to see which new shows everyone's hoping gets reviewed weekly.

I know the vast majority of you haven't seen all these new shows, of course, but which ones take your fancy based on the premise or talent involved?

Below is a list of brand new shows premiering in Sep/Oct in the UK and US, so just vote for the ones you feel will be worth tuning in for. You can choose as many as you like! The result may influence what I decide to cover, too--because if there's absolutely no interest in something I was going to write about, best to not bother. You can add your own choice as the "other" vote, because this list isn't comprehensive.

The poll closes on Tuesday 20 September, but the results will be automatically available here until then. If there are any "other votes", I'll update this page with what they were.