Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Video: BEING HUMAN - the last scene

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Being Human's fifth series hasn't aired everywhere around the world yet, so I'll be careful about spoilers (for now). But if you have seen the end of the BBC show, you may be interested in clicking the embedded video above. It's a DVD-exclusive scene that takes place after the series finale's ambiguous ending. Please avoid watching if you've yet to finish series 5, but spoilers follow for those who have...

SPOILERS! Okay. So the last episode ended with vampire Hal, werewolf Tom and ghost Alex having defeated Satan himself, resulting in them literally 'becoming human'. A happy ending, right? Well, perhaps not. Some viewers had a theory it may all be a trick, with The Devil having defeated the supernatural trio by placing them into a fantasy realm to keep them occupied during his apocalypse (an ability he demonstrated throughout the finale). Well, this three-minute coda to series 5 makes it abundantly clear that theory is correct. So, there was no happy ending for any of the characters. Even stranger, this scene proceeds to tee up a sixth series that will never happen!

Let's get this straight: this canonical scene on the DVD has (a) removed the fun of the broadcast finale's ambiguous denouement, and (b) allowed Being Human to now end on an unresolvable cliffhanger. How is that a good thing?! Toby Whithouse should have left well alone. I'm so frustrated this scene was made and, by virtue of its existence on the official BBC DVD, now becomes the ending for Being Human as a whole.

Anyone else agree with me? (Let's forget this exists.)