Friday, 15 November 2013

MISFITS 5.4 - episode four

Friday, 15 November 2013

written by Jon Brown (story by Jon Brown & Howard Overman) | directed by Lawrence Gough

We're halfway through Misfits' final series, so it was no surprise to find this episode wasn't anything special. I wouldn't term it filler, but it was a little uninvolving and started to drag surprisingly quickly. There were some fun nods to the series arc with another item of prognostic knitwear, and conceptual laughs from a gay man literally "in the closet" (teleporting to the nearest cupboard if anyone questions his sexuality) and Alex (Matt Stokoe) being asked to use his power-ending ability by shagging a tortoise Abby (Natasha O'Keeffe) believes is really a shape-shifter, but otherwise I wasn't mightily impressed this week.

The main storyline again focused on Rudy (Joe Gilgun)--or, more accurately, his lovable doppelgänger Rudy 2, who went missing for awhile and came back about six decades older. The mystery of what happened to Old Rudy 2 (Kenneth Colley) fuelled most of the episode, although there was a curious lack of urgency.

Colley (Admiral Piett in two classic Star Wars movies) was brilliant casting because he really does resemble a 75-year-old Gilgun with dementia, and I appreciated what this episode was trying to say about young people's intolerance of the elderly, but it just didn't take shape for me.

Overall, this was a middling episode that felt cobbled together from stray ideas, nursed along by entertaining but thin sub-plots and the odd good laugh. The explanation for Old Rudy 2's condition was also fun and wasn't as signposted as it could have been. But my interest in this episode was low for the majority of the hour (which dragged significant in the final quarter), and I was only really roused into alertness when the show took time to focus on the broader concern of the gang apparently becoming "proper superheroes" according to a woolly jumper.

13 November 2013 | E4