Monday, 22 September 2014

10 Years Later, What Did the Cast of LOST Do Next?

Monday, 22 September 2014

10 years ago today, on 22 September 2004, ABC premiered a new mystery drama called LOST. It was an instant success and became part of pop-culture, sending audiences into spasms of delight and frustration in equal measure over the ensuing six seasons. The divisive finale may still be considered a slap in the face by those expecting Answers, but I like to think most people valued the journey, remember the explanations we did receive, and found enough emotional closure to still consider Lost a favourite show. But, ten years after it began, and four years after it ended, what have key members of the cast been up to? Let's take a look...

Matthew Fox
After Lost, Fox claimed he was "done with television" and has since appeared in the West End play In a Forest, Dark and Deep with Olivia Williams. He also had a memorable role as the villain in 2012 crime prequel Alex Cross, but primarily because he lost tonnes of body fat and increased his musculature. He also appeared in the hit zombie movie World War Z, but his character's role was unfortunately reduced to next-to-nothing in the editing. Fox is currently filming Welcome to Harmony, an adaptation of the novel Y pese a todo.

Evangeline Lilly
After Lost, Lilly intended to focus on writing children's literature (The Squickerwonkers was published in 2013), but has still appeared in a selection of films. She was in Real Steel alongside Hugh Jackman, but her biggest post-island success has been playing elf Tauriel in the latter two The Hobbit movies. Lilly will next be seen in Marvel's currently-filming Ant-Man, with some speculating she'll become superheroine The Wasp.

Jorge Garcia
After Lost, Garcia slipped into another J.J Abams-affiliated show, on Fox's Alcatraz. Unfortunately, it was axed after one season. Beyond an appearance on Funny or Die's parody of Steve Wozniak (playing the tech godhead), Garcia's biggest post-Lost success has been as a guest star on several Hawaii Five-0 episodes (reunited with co-star Daniel Dae Kim), which led to him becoming a regular in season 5.

Josh Holloway
After Lost, Holloway appeared in the opening sequence of 2011's Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol (produced by J.J Abrams), but then appeared to vanish until securing the lead in CBS spy-fi drama Intelligence. It was axed after one season, and Holloway's next project isn't known.

Terry O'Quinn
After Lost, O'Quinn appeared in twelve episodes of Hawaii Five-0 (reunited with co-star Daniel Dae-Kim), and three episodes of TNT's Falling Skies. He had a key role in 666 Park Avenue, but that show was cancelled after one season. O'Quinn currently appears in action drama Gang Related, as the Head of the LAPD Task Force.

Naveen Andrews
After Lost, Andrews became a naturalised U.S citizen, then appeared in Creature of the Black Lagoon in 2012. Things didn't much improve the following year, when he played Dr Hasnat Khan in the critically-reviled Diana biopic alongside Naomi Watts. Better were his appearances on Sky's Sinbad fantasy series (although it was axed after one year), and a guest-star role on ABC's Once Upon a Time (created by Lost writers) as Jafar.

Daniel Dae Kim
After Lost, almost immediately, Dae Kim was signed up to co-star in the Hawaii Five-0 remake (keeping him on the titular island), and he continues in that role four years later. Dae Kim will also be appearing in the Divergent sequel, Insurgent, as Jack Kang (leader of the Candor faction). He's also worked on the Saints Row video-games, voicing Johnny Gat since 2006.

Yunjin Kim
After Lost, Kim was immediately hitched to former manager Jeong Hyeok Park. Beyond a lead role in ABC drama Mistresses since 2013, Kim's post-Lost work has been in South Korean films (Harmony, Heartbeat and The Neighbor).

Emilie de Ravin
After Lost, de Ravin guest-starred on Once Upon a Time as Belle, becoming a series regular for season 2. She also appeared in the Finnish film Love and Other Troubles in 2012, and was poised to appear in ABC drama Americana until the network passed on the pilot. She's recently filmed a TV series called Air Force One is Down, and a movie called The Submarine Kid.

Dominic Monaghan
After Lost, Monaghan appeared alongside Megan Fox in a music video for Eminem's "Love the Way To Lie", then starred in short-lived sci-fi drama FlashForward (a notorious Lost wannabe). Since 2012 he's presented wildlife documentary Wild Things for Channel 5 in the UK. He's appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows you haven't heard of, too.

Michael Emerson
After Lost, Emerson was part of a drama nominated for a Pulitzer Price called A.R Gurney's Love Letters, before almost reuniting with co-star Terry O'Quinn for a TV series called Odd Jobs, which unfortunately fell apart in development. Emerson was instead cast in CBS drama Person of Interest in 2011, which he continues to work on today. In addition, Emerson has voiced The Joker in two Batman straight-to-video projects based on Frank Miller's seminal The Dark Knight Returns story.

Elizabeth Mitchell
After Lost, Mitchell starred in another ABC sci-fi drama, the remake of 1980s classic V. It only lasted two seasons, before she was cast in an NBC sci-fi drama Revolution, which lasted two more. It was recently announced she'll be joining the cast of Once Upon a Time.

Harold Perrineau
After Lost, Perrineau has appeared in a handful of movies you probably have never seen (with the exception of Zero Dark Thirty and, maybe, Sabotage). He guest-starred in a Law & Order SVU, but also played the season 5 villain Damon Pope on Sons of Anarchy. He'll soon be seen playing an angel with questionable morals in NBC's supernatural drama Constantine, and currently leads Syfy post-apocalyptic drama Z Nation.

Henry Ian Cusick
After Lost, Cusick has appeared in a lots of TV shows (Law & Order SVU, Fringe, The Mentalist, CSI, Body of Proof), but was also a regular on Scandal and currently appears in The CW's teen sci-fi series The 100.

Maggie Grace
After Lost, Grace returned for the sequel to Taken with Liam Neeson, played Irina in two Twilight movies, and is currently filming another Taken. She had a prominent role in Showtime's Californication in 2013, and more recently appeared on Fox's The Following pilot.

Jeremy Davies
After Lost, Davies was cast on Justified as Dickie Bennett for its second season (a role he occasionally returns to), and as a memorable bird-loving killer in season 2 of NBC's Hannibal.

Nestor Carbonell
After Lost, Carbonell reprised his small role as Gotham City's mayor in The Dark Knight Rises, guest-starred on Psych, Wilfred, Person of Interest, and The Good Wife. He was a regular on the short-lived Sarah Michelle Gellar drama Ringer, and currently plays the Sheriff on A&E's Bates Motel (co-created by Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse).

Malcolm David Kelley
After Lost, Kelley reprised his role as a now-teenage Walt for the sixth season box-set mini-episode "The New Man in Charge", before appearing in a handful of TV shows like Saving Grace, Gigantic and The Closer. More interestingly, Kelley is one half of a pop duo with his Gigantic co-star Tony Oller, called MKO, formed in 2012. Their single "Classic" was a hit this summer, reaching number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.